Where coffee meet Creative Art

Where coffee meet Creative Art

Dyu Art Cafe, located in Koramangala, the heart of the Garden City of India, aims to be the premier space dedicated to quality art, food and beverages. We are dedicated towards creating an atmosphere that is vibrant yet minimal, exciting yet relaxing; a place where coffee and creativity meet.


Keeping the pleasant Bangalore weather in mind, Dyu Art Cafe have created a wonderfully relaxing and spacious environment; an antidote to the hustle and bustle of the streets of Koramangala. With some of the most prolific names in the art world exhibiting their works at Dyu, you can be rest assured to get inspired!

The Food
The food is all made with natural, fresh ingredients. They believe in sustainability and protecting the environment, with use of eco-friendly materials, right from  coffee grinders to the bottles they serve.


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